Kim Spencer

As Marketing Strategist, I work with clients and account managers to audit current SEO activities, identify target keywords, and provide on-page and off-page recommendations for SEO coding, structure, content, social and linking best practices.

I started my career in marketing back in 2005 at Rippin’ Riverside Skate Park in Oviedo, Florida. They had no real marketing department, and I identified opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, competitions, and community involvement—not to mention being found on Google!

Being organized and eager to put in the hours, I realized I’d chosen the right career path… I felt like I’d found my home! I led a team of 13 employees and managed all marketing efforts, almost doubling their revenue in a year.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Central Florida, I decided to continue in the marketing field. I love studying ways in which external factors affect a person, especially when it comes to marketing, content, and the strategy behind attracting and retaining clients or customers. SEO is an important part of gaining visibility, and that’s where I’ve decided to focus my efforts as of late. It’s like a puzzle, and it’s mentally stimulating!

As a native Floridian, I saw snow for the first time in February 2017, and I have never been on a jet ski! Believe it or not, I love to try new things and have a plan to broaden my horizons and travel the world. Family is important to me and so is happiness. Every day I reflect on one thing I love and remember how beautiful life is.

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