Read This Before You Host an Instagram Giveaway

If this bathing suit looks familiar, you’re not alone. It wasn’t on the cover of a fashion magazine and no, Beyonce didn’t give it her stamp of approval. It’s from a Sunny Co Clothing social media promotion that became a viral phenomenon—and then a phenomenal cautionary tale—in a matter of hours.

What Fyre Festival’s Failure Can Teach Us About Influencer Marketing

Last week, the internet had a field day mocking the thousands of wealthy festival-goers who ended up stranded in the Bahamas at the failed Fyre Festival. Hundreds of hot takes were forged in the flames of Fyre Festival’s demise.

But you don’t have to care about Ja Rule, models, millennials or yachts to learn from one critical element of Fyre Festival that went particularly badly: Influencer marketing.

How to Use the New Instagram Collections to Promote Your Business

Instagram’s social media takeover is still in full force. First, they took on Snapchat with Stories. Then, Live from Facebook. Now, Instagram is taking on Pinterest. Before you roll your eyes at yet another new Instagram feature, remember that anything that makes the end user happy makes them more likely to engage with your content.

In short, this is more motivation to kill it on Instagram so your account not only promotes your business but encourages your customers to talk about you and recall you when they’re ready to make a purchase decision.

PODCAST: Reputation Management, Bad Reviews, and You

Your businesses’ reputation can be with just one bad statement. And with the prolific use of reviews, it’s almost bound to happen. Without a strategy in place, you’ll be scrambling for a fix and may end up making the wrong move.

Listen to the 5 minute podcast below to hear what Joe Hamilton, CEO of Big Sea, has to say about creating a reputation management strategy.

Achieving 651% ROI: An Inbound Case Study

Pin Chasers was already doing some traditional marketing, like radio ads and billboards, but it needed another push. Inbound marketing was a good fit to aid Pin Chasers in gaining new contacts, leads, and therefore new customers and increased revenue.

We came up with an inbound marketing plan that would not only add new leads to the already robust contact lists, but also encourage leads to convert.

How to Have the Best Project Kickoff Meeting Ever

A project kickoff meeting is your opportunity to launch a digital marketing or web development engagement with energy and clarity. But handled inappropriately, it can set the wrong tone and drive a wedge between your agency and your clients from the very start. Ouch.

You don’t have to worry about that. Your next kickoff meeting is going to be the best one ever. Here’s how.

Hot Content, Warm Leads: How the Right Content Delivered 455 SQLs in One Month

When Top End added children’s chairs to their product line, they needed to reach out to a new audience: parents of children in wheelchairs who wanted a more active life than their everyday chair allowed.

Finding a list of parents of children in wheelchairs is tough, so we needed to produce a piece of premium content that would be worthy of their email address, and one that would be shared far and wide to reach Invacare’s international audience.

What Are Wireframes and Why Do I Need to See Them?

A wireframe is a way to display the structure and hierarchy of a webpage using basic shapes, lines and, in our case, actual copy. There isn’t much design in a wireframe, just various shades of gray. (And if we’re feeling crazy you may see a star standing in for your custom icon.) But in large part, we don’t want design to distract from the purpose of the wireframe.

Here are three things you should know so that the next time you reach this milestone of your project you better understand its importance and don’t just see a page of shapes.