Why Microcopy Matters

Microcopy might seem like a small detail, but it can make a huge impact on user experience, engagement and even conversions. Treat it as an afterthought and you may send your users fleeing, but well-strategized and well-crafted microcopy can not only direct but delight users.

So what exactly is this tiny copy that holds such big influence?

Embrace Selfies With User Generated Content

If you have negative feelings about selfies, let go of them. You’ll feel lighter when you’re not burdened by perceptions that selfies are attention-seeking or self-indulgent. The debate over selfies only makes them more relevant.

Everyone takes selfies. People have been taking them as long as they’ve had cameras. (Buzz Aldrin took one in space in 1966. Try to beat that.) And if you count paintings we’ve been taking them for centuries.

What Working With a Google Partner Agency Means for You

Google Partners is an Adwords certification program for advertising agencies, marketing professionals and consultants that identifies experts in their field. To qualify, an agency not only has to pass rigorous tests, but their account has to be analyzed by Google itself to make sure they’re following best practices and getting results for they’re clients.

Optimize Content for SEO: 6 Quick and Dirty Tips

Regardless of your business goals, your website is nothing without visitors. Every piece of content, every image, every video and every update needs and audience. So how do you make sure you’re right there in the rankings when people are searching for you? It all comes down to optimizing your content for SEO. Use these tips on your old content to push it up in the rankings, and remember to use it on future blogs and webpages to kick them off from the start!

Should you hire a marketing agency or keep it in-house?

When you decide it’s time to ramp up your marketing, whether you’re just starting out or just looking for a change, you probably start to wonder whether you should outsource to a marketing agency or hire someone in-house.

Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but it ultimately all comes down to your business needs, what you can afford, and what your goals are.

Hiring an agency or a new employee (or team) is a big decision. Here are a few pointers to help you make the choice.

What Domain Authority Means for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a complicated game with a lot of moving pieces. To improve your search engine ranking, you might combine activities like link building, focusing on keywords, and staying active on social. So how do you know what’s actually working?
When it comes to search engine optimization, many factors that affect where you show up in the search results. But there’s one solid way to measure how well your efforts are working: Domain Authority.

Think Twice Before Investing in a Proprietary CMS

It’s time to redesign your website. You start Googling for ideas and looking for options. That’s when you see it – a custom back-end, hosting, and a visual editor. Sounds perfect, right? Not so fast, that proprietary CMS you’re looking at isn’t worth the trouble. We asked our team of developers to chime in on why should you run screaming from a proprietary CMS. Here’s what they said.

Google Tests Black Text on Search Results Page

Google is in the process of testing black text on search engine results. If your insides are curdling at the thought of viewing black text instead of the familiar blue we’ve all come to associate with links, you’re not alone. People are losing it on social media. Change is hard, but that’s not the only takeaway here.

What else can we learn from Google’s experiment testing black text on search results?