Link Building Strategies That Won’t Get You Penalized

Have you ever found yourself on a site that read like a string of keywords and every other word was a link? That’s link building, the bad kind. With Google’s search algorithm updates (the latest was rolled out in September 2016), you’ll rarely find yourself on a site like that – it’s probably been penalized by now. Still, it’s proof that link building can get you to the top of the search engines. Here’s how to do it without getting penalized.

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

Last month, Instagram made a move into Snapchat’s territory. And not in a very subtle way. Social media lit up with rumblings of disapproval at first, but a few weeks in, Instagram Stories are going strong. Now brands need to evaluate both similar platforms and decide which is right. (Or go all in and use both.)

Inside the Google Adwords Text Ads Change

Finally! Google Adwords has expanded their character limits on text ads. Instead of having to come up with a clever way to attract customers in 3 separate lines, you now have 2x more space to show off your cleverness.

Here’s a quick breakdown on what you can expect from the changes.

How to Install MongoDB on PHP for OSX MAMP

Every single time we need to install MongoDB for PHP on our local systems, we end up having to rediscover the steps involved. This inevitably leads to finding various hints across a dozen websites that all combine to a solution in which we can continue developing. Throughout the process, we usually fail to bookmark links, which inevitably we need to look up again.

This time we’re writing it all down in one place.

Set Goals, but Don’t Let Them Own You

Inbound marketing is fueled by SMART goals. That is, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. It’s nothing revolutionary. Fourth graders are given the same parameters at the beginning of the school year. SMART goals are ubiquitous because they work.

Until they don’t.

Why Microcopy Matters

Microcopy might seem like a small detail, but it can make a huge impact on user experience, engagement and even conversions. Treat it as an afterthought and you may send your users fleeing, but well-strategized and well-crafted microcopy can not only direct but delight users.

So what exactly is this tiny copy that holds such big influence?

Embrace Selfies With User Generated Content

If you have negative feelings about selfies, let go of them. You’ll feel lighter when you’re not burdened by perceptions that selfies are attention-seeking or self-indulgent. The debate over selfies only makes them more relevant.

Everyone takes selfies. People have been taking them as long as they’ve had cameras. (Buzz Aldrin took one in space in 1966. Try to beat that.) And if you count paintings we’ve been taking them for centuries.