Following the Patterns

Pattern libraries are a great tool for big projects, but they’re often a pain to maintain during a build. Daryn built an open-sourced front-end design tool that helps automate the creation of pattern libraries for your projects.

Big Sea Breakfast Club 01

In the spirit of collaboration and sharing of knowledge, we’ve started an intimate, invitation-only event intended to foster conversation and learning about a variety of internet-related topics outside the Big Sea wheelhouse. We’re calling this series the Big Sea Breakfast Club.

Gamification VS You

Games have been a part of our shared human culture for as long as we’ve been documenting our own history. The desire to play, and to compete, is innately programmed into each of us and as such has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Here are a few simple (and affordable) ways you can leverage humans’ competitive nature to help engage your customers and clients.