What Google’s Upcoming Penguin Update Means for Your Site

Down here in Florida, you’d barely know it, but it is technically winter. And just as the seasons turn and we must bundle up (at least a bit) to deal with it, Google’s core search algorithm changes regularly, and the world – especially the world of people trying to promote their businesses online – has to be ready.

Well, it’s time to get ready for a change.

How to Make the Case for Inbound Marketing

Let’s set the scene: You need to increase your company’s revenue. Old sales tactics aren’t pulling in leads like they used to, and it’s up to you to fix it. You’re thinking about inbound marketing but you’re not convinced. Let me address some common arguments in a way no one can dismiss – cold hard facts.

Making Waves in 2016

Big Sea is joining forces with local digital agency ThinkTank to become a growing team of 22 digital strategists, creatives, marketers and developers. (I am so excited.)

How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

The number one rule when responding to all criticism, even the negative type, is to stay positive. Adding more negativity to the conversation by letting yourself be drawn into a fight with a customer or user will only reflect poorly on your business. If you know you’re doing the right thing and doing it the best way you’re able, integrity always comes out on top.

How Much Work is Inbound Marketing?

Every business needs to know what kind of time investment it takes to strategize and implement inbound marketing. It doesn’t matter if the business is a local mom and pop donut shop or a big corporation. Time is money. So how much work is inbound marketing?

Big Sea Halloween: Guess Who!

We take Halloween seriously at Big Sea. Today, at least three adults are working in full costume because dressing up at work.

One of our core values is passion, and we’ve been passionate about Halloween for decades. Need evidence? Here are some Big Sea team members as wee trick-or-treaters.