Ship It and Rip It: Big Sea Ship It Day Recap

Last week our clients may have noticed (not without warning) that we’d effectively gone dark for 24 hours. Ship It Day was an opportunity for the team to focus on unbillable passion projects individually, in small teams, or together on the whole. The key concepts were exploration and innovation, and a foray into new things we might not otherwise dip our toes into. In this spirit, Ship It Day delivered in spades.

Big Sea Breakfast Club 02

Learn directly from our friends at HubSpot about the future of marketing automation. Where it’s heading, what will change and how you can apply automation techniques to your own marketing activities.

Silencing the Social Static

Admit it – you’re more than slightly addicted to that little rush you get by mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. And you don’t know why. Here’s how I woke up and started paying attention to the role of these networks in my life, and started to silence some of that static.

The Makings of a Great Kickoff Meeting

A great kickoff meeting can help set the tone for a successful project from start to finish. We gain an amazing understanding of your business and team dynamics, and leave the meeting ready to explore all kinds of creative solutions. Here’s a list of what we need for a killer kickoff.