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We believe in hard work and fostering team creativity.

How do we stay sharp? Friday open project days, catered happy hours, and collaborations with artsy neighbors all help. A rowdy game of Cards Against Humanity isn’t out of the question either.

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Some impressive work cranked out by the team in the past 24 hours - but Daryn came out the winner (chosen by his own bot when it came down to a tie between his and one other project). - Sue created a fully responsive WordPress website for a friend - James S & James B created 75% of an iOS app for The Brewery Bay - Erin wrote content for new client kickoff notebooks & inbound marketing materials - Chris & Josh made good progress on building a brewer's ingredient database app called HopVault - Adam built a pinball score tracker that will go up on our website (oh - and go ahead and check out http://asshole.cat too ...) - Josh built out a series of Sketch templates we can use to speed up and standardize the process for both web and inbound design projects - Daryn built a HipChat bot on Raspberry Pi that finds books and images, creates memes, tells the weather, decides where we'll go to lunch, make random selections and will integrate with our project management app right from our chat software - James B both designed the iOS app and started working on a Big Sea font based on the logo that we can use in web and print materials Overall, some amazing things in a very short period of time - and very little sleep.

  • Mar 27, 2015
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